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Mountain Mint 6 oz. Special Edition Mason Jar

Mountain Mint 6 oz. Special Edition Mason Jar

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Mountain Mint is a native North American plant that does extra duty providing shade, shelter and nourishment to hundreds of bugs, bees and butterflies of the Northeastern US. This is a very fresh, gardeny, minty and airy scent!

This fragrance is an interpretation of Mountain Mint along with light herby basil and earth scents. Very garden inspired! Poured into a collectible aqua glass mason jar, with proceeds going to our very own Hudson County chapter of the NJ Native Plant Society this is a special gift.

This scent is light and gives fresh vibes to any kitchen, bathroom or small room in your home.

This jar measures 2.5" diameter and the volume of our Coconut Blend wax is 6oz. 

*Note on fragrance throw and your space: fragrance will do best when the candle size is matched with the room size. Our 6oz. candle tins work beautifully in small to medium rooms with average air-flow.


**Please remember important candle care instructions.

  • NEVER burn unattended.
  • Please keep lit sessions from 1-4 hours with a cooling period between light-ups
  • For best results keep your wick clean and trim.
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