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Midnight Blackberry Mini Travel Jar 3.5 oz

Midnight Blackberry Mini Travel Jar 3.5 oz

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New from PDC, Midnight Blackberry which is deep, sweet and sumptuous with a very berry scent that normally we wouldn't try but it fits right in with the rest of the line.

This time we added a wine coloring to the usually creamy white wax, when poured into our black tins gives a somewhat sexy vibe :)

We have a complete set of Midnight Blackberry Gift Tins, Mini Jars, Big Bar Soaps and Hand Soaps to fill out the theme.

This jar measures 2" diameter and the volume of our Coconut Blend wax is 3oz. We find our coconut wax blend candles have terrific cold and hot throw, even this small size in a few hours should fill multiple rooms. Our Mini Travel Jars typically test burn for over 20+ hours.

*A word about our wax: we us an all-natural container blend wax that is predominately coconut and fortified with vegetable waxes (does contain small amounts highly refined food-grade paraffin waxes).

**Please remember important candle care instructions. NEVER burn unattended. Please keep lit sessions from 1-4 hours with a cooling period between light-ups, and for best results keep your wick clean and trim.

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