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Midnight Blackberry 6 oz. Gift Tin

Midnight Blackberry 6 oz. Gift Tin

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Midnight Blackberry is a naughty deep blackberry fruity scent that has a surprising sweet and comforting cold and hot throw.

Our Midnight Blackberry scented candles have a new burgundy wax coloring, combined with our black tin gives a dark and mysterious candle design to this aromatic berry scented candle.

Also if you are a fan, we have this scent in a Mini Travel Jar, Big Soap Bar and Hand Soap Bar--all for a limited time.

This tin measures 3" diameter and the volume of our Coconut Blend wax is 6 oz. which we find burns for over 35 hours. 

A word about our wax: we us an all-natural container blend wax that is predominately coconut and fortified with vegetable waxes (does contain small amounts highly refined food-grade paraffin waxes).

*Please remember important candle care instructions. NEVER burn unattended. Please keep lit sessions from 1-4 hours with a cooling period between light-ups, and for best results keep your wick clean and trim.

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