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Lavender 6 oz. Square Tin

Lavender 6 oz. Square Tin

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Our Lavender scented candle has a fresh and soothing aroma that combines the sweet floral scent of lavender with the herbal and earthy fragrances of sage and eucalyptus.

The top notes have the uplifting and invigorating aroma of eucalyptus, which is immediately noticeable upon lighting the candle, complemented by the subtle hints of sage,  adding a slightly spicy and herbaceous quality to the scent.

The sweet and calming scent of lavender gradually becomes more pronounced, creating a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere. 

Our Lavender candle is perfect for creating a peaceful and serene ambiance, whether used during a meditation or yoga session, while taking a relaxing bath, or simply when unwinding after a long day.


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