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Big Bar Specialty Soap Sets, 7 for $60

Big Bar Specialty Soap Sets, 7 for $60

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We got on a roll with recipes, ingredients, scents & textures. Look at all these styles!

Sets are made of one of each of the following very special soaps--all vegetarian -- no tallow or lard, but sometimes goat milk or honey/beeswax.

Bars are thick cut, handmade and rustic. Each has been thought out and designed for best scents and ingredients with colors and textures. Designer artist-style soap sets. This is perfect for someone who wants a special bespoke touch to their body care/self care routine. Makes a truly thoughtful gift.

One of each, 7 styles, foffer a bit of a discount from single bar sales, and there is less waste and less shipping effort sending weeks/months worth at once.

Terrific as a house warming gift, Mother's Day, perfect for high school grads off to college dorms, and these soaps are quite popular with men--a thoughtful Father's Day gift too.

This set includes one of each big bar:

  • Sweet Coconut Pink Himalayan Salt (brown bar color), 
  • Peppermint Eucalyptus Detox with activated charcoal and clay,
  • Sumptuous Pink Sugar Berry.
  • Palo Santo scented clay rainbow swirl soap,
  • Red Ginger scented activated charcoal and pumice soap,
  • Lavender and Kaolin Clay swirl soap 
  • Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil soap.

*These are each limited edition of 20 bar batches, so when they are gone they won't be back until this summer's markets.

LMK what your favorites are! 


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